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Since the British colonial era it’s wooden board ships was an impregnable wall. The traditions of sailing evolved over the centuries in the country. At once here and in the Netherlands the concept of ailing itself was born. The UK geographical location in surrounding of the Atlantic Ocean and the four seas allowed it to become a global maritime state and to bring that sport to perfection.

Today in the UK yachting is considered a national pastime. According to statistics from British Marine Federation approximately 3 million British people engaged in yachting. After all an access to water is open from almost everywhere in the country. The State coastline is nearly 12.5 thousand km, and only a yacht rent through SEARADAR service allows you to see the most beautiful places and meet with centuries-old traditions of the Foggy Albion.

The United Kingdom is situated on the Northwestern Europe on the British Isles: the island of Great Britain, the northeastern part of the Ireland island, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and numerous islands. A yacht season lasts here from May to September. During the navigation season a temperature rarely rises up to 30 degrees and the west wind blows mainly. A weather volatility became like a visiting card of this country, so for self-yachting in the UK requires a rich experience and a knowledge of tides.

Planning a sea route here is not easy, because each region of the United Kingdom has its own unique twist. England will impress with the picturesque islands of Scilly in the waters of the Gulf Stream. You can also cruise on the River Thames and enjoy by all London sights from the water or sail to Port Sollent that in an hour's drive from the capital. A direct and most convenient access to the Strait of Sollent (which separates the British Isles from France) opens here. Nearby is the Channel Islands, which consist of two large, Jersey and Guernsey, several small and numerous islets and rocks. Due to it's proximity to the continent the coastline climate is quite soft. But yachtsman should be careful near the coast: steep cliffs ruined more than one boat. A few kilometers from the southern coast of England is the Isle of Wight. Travel to it’s shores to feel up with beauty of mountain landscapes and to see the Victorian era shelters.

Ireland will surprise with a rugged coastline of almost 1,500 km. Many bays deep and protected from a wind make this island one of the most handy for parking. East Coast of Ireland is easily accessible for yachts, but south and west parts will be more interesting for an avid traveler. Just there more than two hundred islets are scattered along the banks and mostly they are uninhabited. And there is the Cork city world famous due to the oldest Royal Cork Yacht Club, founded in 1720.

Scotland fascinates with its nature and is ideal for stops in a small bays and ports, where from you could see whales and dolphins. The most popular stop is the port of Largs on the West Coast of Scotland. This tiny town can conquer at a glance: a small bay, equipped marina, local flavor and the mountain environment. If arrive to its shores in early September, would be possible to catch the annual festival dates back to the Viking era.

This country has an extensive network of inland water routes, canals and rivers, which offer an exciting opportunities for the most memorable travel among the northern waters of Albion. Regardless of the route book and rent a sailing yacht in the UK have no trouble with SEARADAR service.