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Croatia is often called the "heart of the Adriatic coast." This is an amazing country with a unique culture, colorful landscapes and azure coast. Despite it's small size, it has a coastline of 4000 km, and close to the mainland there are thousands of scattered islands. The local sea is considered to be the cleanest, not only in the country, but also throughout Europe. It will not be difficult to rent a yacht in Croatia, and the yachting season lasts almost six months here.

To get to the country is easy. In Zagreb - the capital of Croatia and in Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar and Pula there are regular direct flights. Also internal and charter traffic is supported between towns in Croatia itself.

The most attractive season for trip on a yacht in Croatia lasts from April to early October. Yachting season starts with the May Regatta in Rovinj, and by the summer in Croatia gather both sailing enthusiasts and professional sailors. Navigation closes at the end of September.

Croatia is one of the most popular countries among sailors. The climate here is mild regardless of the month (more than 2600 hours per year), and the Adriatic Sea almost doesn’t forecast storms. Numerous islands and islets (to be exact there are 1185) protect the coastline from the sea against strong gusts of wind, and mountain ranges towering on the way of a bad weather from the shore. In a peak season (July-August) the air is warming up to 38 degrees and the water temperature reaches 26 degrees. During spring and autumn the climate is much milder.

Yachting in Croatia is nearly the main way to work and rest, so that yacht rent and parking are available almost all year. Some will be engaged by small desert islands, where easy to imagine yourself Robinson and enjoy independent sailing in Croatia, others would be attracted by modern parkings near cosy cities with ancient history and architecture.

Croatia has more than 50 modern and equipped marinas where you can not only moor, but also use an available services. Fill the boat, recharge battery, have a rest and take a shower - almost all marinas are well equipped, piers with power supplies, recreation places furnished all around with restaurants, parking lots. A 24 hours security service monitors your safety. In the marina parking fee required and depends on season and vessel size. The most expensive parking is about 50-60 euro, in some cases (depends on the yacht length and the required service) it could be 90 euro.

However, before trip on the waves of the Adriatic, it's better to evaluate your level of training objectively. A yacht without skipper in Croatia - an available fun, but if only the sailor is well-prepared, has manage skills and could navigate in a space.

To fill the gap in knowledge of the Croatian's countryside is not hard. The country is divided into three parts: North Dalmatia (island of Istria and Kvarner, and Opatija), South (Dubrovnik and Korcula Island and Mljet) and the Average (Split and Sibenik, and the islands of Hvar and Brach). These are the main points in the yachting route in Croatia, will only have to choose the one that satisfy to a yachtsman's level. It is better to combine in a route the marine part and the land. The history of this country has many centuries. It’s just nut worth to miss the chance to get to know personally the fabulous beauty of the Adriatic coast and it’s rich architecture.

The best start for journey is the capital itself. Zagreb is a storehouse of wonderful monuments. The architectural jewel of the city considered the Gothic Church of St. Mark XIV-XV centuries., Baroque church of St. Catherine, the Episcopal Palace with the Chapel of St. Stephan, Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and much more. Only after exploring the capital of Croatia, you can move to the coastal city Pula, where the start of your yachting will be given, and than follow along the Adriatic coast without passing on your way the most vibrant cities and attractions.

The first city in the yachting route is Zadar. Its coastline is indented with bays and small islands. On the land you can find dozens of major attractions throughout the Dalmatia: Roman Forum, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, triumphal arch of the city and so on.

Split will surprise a yachtsman by being built around a magnificent palace. In the city there are two harbors in the southern and northern part of the peninsula. In South docked tourist ships, fishing schooners and private yachts, and just here, in April, one of the most popular exhibitions Croatia Boat Show passes. North Harbor is the country's main port and the kingdom of cranes, factory fumes and dry-cargo ships.

If your route goes through Sibenik, it is necessary to make a longer stop here. The city has a 1000-year history, and one of its attractions - the cathedral of St. James, built in the XV century, included in the UNESCO World Heritage. Exactly near Sibenik the most famous Croatian Park is located - the Krka National Park. In addition to the diversity of natural landscapes and wildlife, the park is famous for its numerous multi-tiered waterfalls. In each of the those coastal towns there are well-equipped marinas as well as buoys on the water.

How to book a yacht in Croatia and plan a trip to this natural oasis? In a blink! With the help of a reliable guide into the world of yachting with SEARADAR service to rent a sailing yacht will be easily and very cheap. Going into this unforgettable cruise, you can be sure that there are wan’t be any problems with yacht renting or finding suitable marina, or with pleasing to the eye landscapes.