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Many do not know that Italy is the ancestor of sailing. Almost 800 years ago in Venice the first under sail race passed. To join the yachting history in Italy and to enjoy the picturesque of the country worth for everyone who has decided to go on a sea voyage.

The most popular yacht race - the Regatta Stoica (regatta of the gondoliers), officially dates by 1740 year. However, there is a written confirmation that the first race was a competition between rovers on the Grand Canal in Venice, which took place in September 1274. After almost 800 years the competition has grown into a tradition and later into the Venice Historical Regatta.

Not only because the tradition to hold yacht competitions was born in Italy, the country suits to sea cruises in all parameters: the meandering coastline stretching over 5,000 miles, warm and pleasant climate, picturesque landscapes, ancient traditions and incredible food! Especially in Italy the yacht tourism is most developed. The world's largest number of yachts are produced in this country: there are almost 900 000. Independent sailing in Italy is a strong-established family tradition.

In this country, washed by the waters of the five seas (Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Mediterranean, Ionian and Adriatic), there are around 80 ports and an even greater number of piers. That’s why it is the most appropriate direction for everyone to plunge into an unforgettable journey on a yacht in Italy. But firstly it needs to concern about a yacht rent here. In Italy it’s better to book a yacht in advance (at least a few weeks before), you could do it with the SEARADAR service. Just a few clicks and to book a yacht in Italy won’t be difficulty, and you can bravely go to surf Italian coast under sail.

Talking of a navigation, all existing routes will fit even for beginners, traveling round Italy on a yacht without skipper. The coastline is not too complicated, no specific obstacles there, and a detailed map will helps good in a trip.

On the East coast of the Adriatic Sea located perhaps the most visited and romantic piece of Italy - Venice. You can easily get to this city by boat, however, a parking here is the most expensive in the country. The coastline of the Ligurian sea stretches from Tuscany to the French Riviera. The so-called Ligurian Riviera is the major lovely place among rich and famous people, politicians and royals. Here sandy beaches alternates with luxurious buildings and small villages.

The Tyrrhenian Sea coastline stretches to the south from Elba island to Sicily.

The magnificent and ancient Rome, the mysterious, but unsafe Naples ( still live by the laws of the Mafia), and Salerno sets up on its shores. But the main highlights of this route are a view of the famous volcano Stromboli and Vesuvius. The last one considered as the most dangerous in Europe. This awesome dormant hill repeatedly spewed lava and killed a well-known city Pompeii. In addition, in the Tyrrhenian Sea there are lot’s of beautiful islands, including magnificent Sardinia and Ischia well-known for its therapeutic sands.

In the Ionian Sea there is the largest Italian island Sicily. Many people associate it with the Italian mafia, but the criminal glory had left this island long ago. Now it is a welcoming friendly place with the best bright resorts and spectacular views. The main attraction of Sicily is Mount Etna, surpassing in size even Vesuvius. With surprising regularity there are small eruptions once in a few months, and quite large convulsions happens every few years. However, despite danger and risk, at the foot of Mount Etna lives people who are attracted by rich fertile soil thanks to volcanic eruptions.

A powerful plus of yachting in Italy is a close neighboring of all islands and cities to each other. Going to travel on a yacht here it is real to have time to enjoy the most important sights of the country, look on the way at a small island, and the Italian hospitality, colorful language and traditions (including cooking) complements the cruise by incredible impressions.