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The pearl of the Adriatic coast is undoubtedly Montenegro. Despite the relatively short coastline (it's length is less than 300 km ) the country is able to astonish everyone with winding bays and cozy hospitality. For an avid traveler and a seeker for new adventures a self-yachting holiday in Montenegro might be perfect.

We know a modern name of this country, but in Europe it is more often called Montenegro (which translates as "land of black mountains»). This name of Montenegro has motivated. It's slopes and foothills was covered with dense dark forest in the Middle Ages and now in a distance from the ship it seems quite black. So that this bizarre name stuck to Montenegro.

From the north the country borders with Croatia, in the south - with Albania, and from Italy it is separated by only 90 miles. Today Montenegro attracts tourists from all over the world for its virgin nature and crystal clear sea, that proves rating Y.CO company from the UK, which included the country in the Top-5 best for yachting.

Exactly here you can experience all the charm of the Balkan Peninsula from water. In the southwest stretches the band of the Adriatic Sea, in the north-east countless mountains have settled, and the rest of the country is the picturesque valley of the Lake Skadar.

A boat rental in Montenegro is increasingly in demand from year to year and its understandable. Gentle warm climate allows to surf the Adriatic coast from April to October. Seaside summer is hot and dry with temperatures 23-25 ​​degrees, and winter is mild, the temperature does not fall below 3 degrees. In summer there are no big waves and strong winds. Difficulties may provide the Katabatic wind or Bora descends from the mountains to the Kotor Bay. All the conditions are perfect to ideal cruise and ensures a good weather throughout the trip on a yacht in Montenegro.

This direction especially popular thanks to visa-free regime. The perfect combination of tourism and yachting in one bottle. To reserve and rent a sailing yacht in Montenegro will not be difficult even for beginners. the SEARADAR service offers both small sailing boats for a romantic cruise and impressive size boats for a large company. A choice of yachting route is also not a problem in Montenegro.

The best waters of Montenegro it is the Kotor Bay absolutely protected from the waves and the bay of the same name not far from the border with Croatia. On the shore of the Bay is a small town of Herceg Novi - old settlement with a rich history and more than 30 special parkings for yachts. Obligatory point in the route shall be the city of Budva. It is the oldest city in the Adriatic with well-preserved buildings of the Middle Ages, surrounded by the azure sea and winding mountains. Not less popular seaside resort Bar - a modern city with excellent conditions for yachts. You can sail to it in the two accounts: on the way there are no obstacles, small winds blow mainly in winter. Many islands will delight you on the way also. The largest and most far located from the shore of Sveti Nikola in the Budva bay are Mamula ( is located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor), the island Katic and St. Sunday, and island church of the Virgin on the Rocks. The last received its name from a small church. Among the sailors this island is especially esteemed. According to a legend, in a storm a few people saved here, and found an icon of the Madonna and Child. It is believed that this happened July 22, 1452. The tradition to honor this date is actual today. Every year on July 22 at sunset passes an event called Fasinada, when the locals sit in a boats and throws stones into the sea, expanding the island base.

Sailing in Montenegro don’s be afraid to stay on a yacht without the ability to hit the beach for a long term. Almost every coastal town equipped with a modern marina or quite acceptable for parking yachts. The largest marinas located in Tivat, Bar, Budva, Ulcinj, Zelenika, Kotor. In addition, in Tivat it is the largest yacht center «Porto Montenegro» - the airport in two hours from the center is his undoubted advantage. In just few weeks all the Montenegrin coast could be bypassed under a sail. And if a time look to neighboring Croatia, Italy or Greece.