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Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand - one of the latest and most exciting discoveries in the world of yachting. Azure waves and tropical coast, a great choose of the most diverse destinations for yachting, and in addition outlandish scenery, original architecture and exotic cuisine - to cover all in one trip is unlikely real, but to enjoy the best of what Thailand offers is possible. A yacht trip to Thailand will be the best conclusion to get acquainted with this diverse country.

The Kingdom of Thailand has a great history. For many years people of this country honor not only the monarch and state statutes, but Buddhism also. That is why almost on every step you can meet small churches and chapels with centuries of history. There are a few tens of thousands across the country.

Thai people call their home "land of freedom", because from the Thai "Thai" means freedom, and this is not an accident. Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never colonized. It preserved the independence of the European states, while all neighboring countries were once colonies of Britain and France. This has allowed Thailand to save almost pristine beauty and its uniqueness.

Yachting in Thailand is available throughout the year. Here the eternal summer is. However, conditionally a year could be divided into three periods, each owns unique characteristics of weather. The hottest season is from March to May, the rainy season begins from June to September, and the coolest period - from October to February. For self-yachting in Thailand it’s better to care about yacht rent and the most suitable direction first of all. Actually, the most easy and convenient way to book and rent a sailing yacht in Thailand is to do use SEARADAR service.

The Andaman sea area of water is the most popular for sailing. A navigation in its tropical waters is considered to be not too difficult, because the moderate wind dominate here, and safe well-equipped parkings are on the way. Traveling on a yacht without a skipper in the Andaman Sea in Thailand best suites to those who are just starting the yachting or wants to pull up skills. If take a course to the east coast of the island of Phuket in Phang Nga Bay, picturesque limestone mountains in the middle of the bay will opens. Lovers of relaxations might tie up near the Phuket in early December. Each year in honor of the King of Thailand's birthday the coast of the island hosts an international Royal Regatta - the greatest and most famous regatta in Asia. For nearly 30 years the event is held during the first week of December. More over 140 yachts of various classes participate, including catamarans, cruising and racing yachts, as well as classes Optimist and Laser. The regatta finishes on the Kata Beach in Phuket. At this time the dry season usually rules, the average temperature is about 27 degrees, and the likelihood of tropical storms is extremely small.

To the Thailand north-east the declared a national park Similan Islands lies. And it is not just words. An environment cleanliness and preservation are strongly controlled here. So that typical cafes, restaurants and hotels can’t be found on islands. Booking a sailing catamaran or cruiser in Thailand through a SEARADAR service, you could delight picturesque beaches of one of the islands (Ko Hu Yong, Ko Ba Ngu, Koh Similan, Koh Miang, etc.)

Aspire to explore the main tourist attractions it’s better to go straight to the mainland of Thailand and to the Gulf of Siam. Choosing this route to make a stop in Bangkok is very easy. Among the skyscrapers and skytrain across the capital are scattered ancient antiquities and museums that are worth seeing at least once in live.

But choosing sailing in Thailand take into account one important feature. Due to the proximity of Thai waters to the Indian and Pacific Ocean the navigation dependents on tides they cause. These features should be accounted when choosing anchorage and approaches to the islands and the coast. Each direction has a specific, but to compare what is better impossible. This country will leave no one indifferent regardless of the selected route, and dozens of them are here.