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For those who decided to try himself in a yachting for the first time and go on in a sea voyage, the best route would be the the Turkish Aegean coast. Despite the fact that yachting in Turkey began to develop only a few decades ago, actually this country is famous for the most equipped and modern yacht clubs. The winding coastline length of 7,200 km pleases the eye with scattered along the sea islands, bays and coastal archipelagos.

Turkey is one of the few countries, whose territory is located in two parts of the world and is washed by four seas at the same time. The main part of the country is located in Asia, so it is usually referred to a group of Middle Eastern countries. The rest of Turkey, located in the southeast Balkans, belongs to the European part. The shores of this amazing country washed by the water of four seas (the Aegean, the Mediterranean, the Marmara and the Black sea), but to travel on a yacht in Turkey best suits the Turkish territorial waters of the Aegean Sea.

Nature and climate of this country are very diverse: from the highlands to the sea beaches. In general, the weather in Turkey is more than favorable, so this sunny country is so loved by tourists and sailors from all over the world. In the hottest months (July and August) the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, and in winter drops to about 10 degrees. Yacht season in Turkey lasts from May to October traditionally, but you cloud travel in winter too if you wish. However, in winter there is a high probability of rain, despite the fact that the sea at this time usually calm and the water temperature drops below 15 degrees.

A foreign vessel needs to pass a paid registration to access the bay in Turkish cities, after which the boat is free to dissect the coast over the next year. Before rent a sailing yacht in Turkey, you should take care of a booking for 2-3 months in advance. This area is one of the most popular for sea travel and you could simply be left without a boat. In order not to loose a yacht and, perhaps, a very memorable experiences, don't waste a time with organizational issues. Just book a yacht in Turkey through a reliable partner - service SEARADAR.

The epicenter of yachting life in the country is the south-west coast: Marmaris, Bodrum, Gocek, Finike. As a rule they becomes the start-point for each trip under a sail.

Marmaris is considered the most popular place, a Turkish Coast paradise. It is located in a vast bay that protects incoming ships from strong winds and bad weather. By the way, in the port comes not only yachts, but large cruise liners also. Marmaris has very long and unusual history. From foundation the city was ruled by a variety of civilizations from the Egyptians and the Kariantsev to the Ottomans and the Macedonians. Marmaris absorbed dozens of cultures and preserved hits of those great civilizations: the Old Fortress ( built in the 3rd millennium BC ), the Tomb of Suleyman Shah, the Stone Barn, and others.

Bodrum is the starting point for trips to the bays of Knidos, Gokova, Datca, Marmaris. Even this likely resort town has kept monuments of ancient architecture on its territory. Moored in one of the bays you can see the castle of St. Peter, which is simply impossible to get round. The huge size of the structure is seeing from almost anywhere in the city. The most visited sight is the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology. This place is well-known for its artifacts from sunken ships. Here you could see jewelry, pottery, household items and other ancient things found at the bottom of the sea.

Gocek is a small village not far away from Dalaman International Airport. However, its small size did not affect the yachting infrastructure. There are lots of marinas and equipped berths on the coast. But the biggest marina is located in Finike where 350 yachts could dock all together. The history of the city has 2500 years. During this time the city was ruled by Greeks, Romans and Ottomans. On the territory of a town ancient buildings almost did not survive, but outside Finike real fun begins. In its surroundings locates an ancient city Demre with rock tombs and the church of St. Nicholas, Elmali with beautiful wooden houses and the mosque of the 17th century, the tomb of the commander Lamira Pericles and Arikanda, where the most widely remnants of an ancient civilization represented. From the Finike port you can go to the bays of Kas, Kalkan, Fethiye and Kapi or take an incredible journey to the sunken city of Kekova, which was destroyed by the strongest earthquake in the 2nd century BC.

Simple routes, suitable even for self-yachting in Turkey, equipped docks in almost every bay, a minimum of storms, incredible scenery and attractions that hold the history of great civilizations - and this is just a small part of all benefits of yachting in Turkey.