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The Mediterranean Sea happy sailors with an opportunity to yacht all year round. In its waters there is one of the most fertile places for sailing - the island of Cyprus. Here are a mild climate, an almost complete absence of strong winds and easy navigation - all conditions to yacht in Cyprus whole year.

The Mediterranean Sea is happy sailors the opportunity to sail throughout the year. In its waters there is one of the most fertile places for sailing - the island of Cyprus. Here mild climate, the almost complete absence of strong winds, and easy navigation - all conducive to yachting in Cyprus all year round.

A special features of Cyprus shoreline is a significant plus in yachting here. In addition to the favorable warm climate on the island there are no tides, that means the sea does not threat yachtsman by swinging mood and strong winds. The weather here pleases almost all year round. Cyprus has an intense Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers from mid-May until September. The temperature reaches at least 30 degrees. Quite mild rainy winters lasts on the island from November until mid-March. Springs and autumns are very short with comfortable weather. It’s shiny with clear sky all the time and the average temperature ranges about 18 degrees.

For self-yachting in Cyprus take into account one important detail - the island is divided into two parts between two militant States. The north part of Cyprus occupied by Turkey and the south part is the Republic of Cyprus itself. It is better not to cross the boundaries between them as there may be legal complications or a traveler can become a person «non-grata» for one of the States. Stop your choice on the south side of the island because it is the most equipped for yachtsmen. For example, Larnaca is very convenient to moor a boat. This city is the third large in Cyprus and attracts tourists with its gently sloping entrance to the sea and sandy beaches as well as the proximity of the airport and this is despite the lack of entertainment infrastructure.

By the way, Cyprus is a passing point in a yachting routes sometimes. Boats come here before passing through the Suez Canal or for further journey to the Greek islands, the shores of Turkey and Israel. A place in a marina must be ordered in advance, because there could be no free berth in a navigation season. Keep in mind that in Cyprus natural harbors to moor are not enough.

The weather and the island itself favors not only to sail, to go ashore also. Going to the coast of Limassol you can observe the medieval castle of Kolossi built in the 13th century or to visit a local winery. Ayia Napa on the east coast of the island is considered to be "the Cyprus Ibiza". This city is ideal for lovers of bustling holidays and nightlife. And if moor in the south-west part near Paphos, you can get acquainted with the ancient landmarks: the catacombs of St. Solomons carved into the rock, the ancient Greek "Tombs of the Kings", Byzantine churches, and more. A famous legend about Aphrodite linked to the island too. According to the legend, once upon a time, when Gods lived on Mount Olympus, the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite had turned Cyprus into a place of her worship. The legend claimed the Cyprus is the goddess birth-place.

On the whole beneficial Cyprus provides wide opportunities to rest and to yacht both. This route mostly suits for beginners. Calm waters and favorable climate will make it possible to go from sailing amateur to professional. With SEARADAR service all organizational issues will step beck.