Q: How much do you charge for services?
A: Our service is completely free for you. We do not charge our clients any fees or additional payments. Q: I want to take a trip on a yacht, but I have no bareboat license. What should I do? A: You can rent a yacht with a skipper who will control a boat and will manage with all issues. Simply select this option in the additional services! You just get together with friends, take everything you need and go on a fascinating sailing journey! It'd be easier than you think, even if it will be the first time in your life!

Q: What is an acceptable rent period?
A: A yacht charter is available at any time. But there are some general rules. For example, sailing yachts often is rented for weeks: from Saturday to Saturday. You can charter as for 1 week, for 2, 3, etc.

Q: How much costs a yacht rent?

A: The price of a yacht rent depends on various parameters: the region, the season, the yacht model, size and so on. For example, a completely new four-cabins yacht suitable for 8 people in Croatia for a week in May could cost 1700 Euros per week rent. This is for early booking. At that time, a similar model in Italy can cost 2500-3000 euros for the same rend period or more. Remember the rule: the sooner you start looking, the more opportunities you find for the lowest price.


Q: Can I pay by credit card through your website, but partly, not at once?

A: Yes, specify your wishes in the comment to the order and we will give you a respite payment with putting your boat in reserve


Q: Is it possible to put in reserve several boats in different countries?

A: Yes, you can place multiple orders through our website. Fill in the number in the comments, the date you are going to make a decision and then choose one or few of boats. We reserve yachts for you.


Q: When booking the yacht do we sign an Agreement or other documents?

A: Yes, it is obligatory. When ordering, you get an agreement from us and a personalized voucher by email. These documents are required at check-in the yacht. Just print them and take to a trip.


Q: I have not found the right boat on your site. What should I do?

A: Just leave a request for selection of a yacht through our feedback form. Our managers will start to search a proper variants. Within a short time you'll receive varieties. Believe, it is always possible to find a good option!


Q: Where to call if I have any questions?

A: Our support team works around the clock 24/7. If you have a question, contact us in any convenient way: by telephone, by Skype, e-mail and etc.


Q: Why should I rent a yacht on SEARADAR, rather than from the charter companies directly?

A: Firstly, we offer a larger number of options. For example if the charter company offer you 10-12 yachts to choose from, we will offer for 20-30 yachts more, as we work with many companies. Secondly, when ordering through SEARADAR, the rental price happens to be lower than that of the lower or charter companies! Wide selection and competitive prices - that’s our motto.