The service SEARADAR is a unique yacht charter aggregator.

SEARADAR team works to provide you an ongoing choice: where to go, what type of a yacht to rent, how much money to spend.

For you we are looking for new opportunities constantly, expanding partnerships and make contracts with lots charter companies. We do all the search work to give you a wide yacht rental selection at the lowest price.

Simply enter the country where you want to book a boat, rental dates. For a detailed search, select the yacht type, a boat year and a cabins number, or leave these fields blank.

We offer over 12 000 yachts worldwide with online instant confirmation. You no longer have to wait for a confirmation from the charter company. Icon "The presence is confirmed" means this yacht you can book now through our website!

We do not charge any commissions or other payments from our customers. We provide search services and consultations absolutely free. This is beneficial, easy and convenient!

Having booked a yacht, you can pay a rent without extra clicks by credit card on our website. All payments are protected by a digital encryption. Safety is guaranteed.

After a payment completed, you’ll receive a voucher on your e-mail, confirming the reserve on your name. Print it, take a bag and go on an exciting journey!

If you have any questions, we are always in touch! A non-stop personalized service and our kind attention are at your disposal.

Do you love the sea as we do? If yes, be sure that now freedom and sailing romance become even closer with SEARADAR.