The SEARADAR team works to ensure that you always have a choice of where to go, what yacht to rent, how much money to spend on it.

We are permanently working on expanding partnerships, looking for new opportunities for you, contract with many charter companies, doing all the search work for you - so that you always have a choice and the lowest prices.

SEARADAR is a unique yacht concierge service.

Choose a yacht according to your wishes on SEARADAR.COM.

Just specify the country where you want to rent the yacht, the start date of the charter and the end date. For a more detailed search, select the type of yacht, year of its manufacture and the number of cabins, or leave these fields blank.

We offer yachts, availability of which can be confirmed instantly. You don't pay us any commissions or additional fees. We provide search services and consultations absolutely for free.

After choosing a yacht, you can pay for its rental directly on our website using your bank card. It's easy and safe. All payments are protected by digital encryption. Payment security is guaranteed.

After paying for the selected yacht, you will receive a personal voucher via e-mail or messenger, confirming the yacht's reservation. All that remains is to print it out, pack your suitcase and go on an exciting journey!

For frequent travellers, we offer a system of discounts in the form of nautical miles cashback - the more you order, the bigger your discount is for the next time. It is profitable, easy and convenient!

If you have any questions, we are always in touch! From our side, we offer 24/7 personalized service and an attentive attitude to each order.

Do you love the sea as much as we do? Freedom of choice and romance of yachting has become even closer with SEARADAR.