Yachting without a
security deposit, it's real!

Charter a yacht without risk and hidden fees

Yachting without a security deposit

Statistically, almost 50% of people lose their security deposit after their charter. Often it doesn't depend on the crew or the skipper but most often is an accident.

We have developed a unique product - deposit waiver. You can insure your Security Deposit and yachting without risk.

  • No need to block a significant amount of money on the card
  • No reason to stress during your charter
  • Yachting becomes more affordable and enjoyable
Deposit insurance
The average cost of a Free Deposit Pack is about 20% of the total deposit amount.
SEARADAR clients have the right to waive the security deposit by taking out a Free Deposit Pack — a unique financial product successfully developed by SEARADAR that eliminates the need for a deposit when chartering a yacht. This is how you get it in THREE EASY STEPS
Contact your manager to get a Free Deposit Pack for your charter.
Pay 20% of the total deposit amount
Charter with no risks
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