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Yacht Charter Andalusia

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You'll find popular yacht charter brands in Andalusia, such as: Excess Catamarans.
Tired of searching yourself?
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Renting a sailboat in Andalusia, Spain is a great way to explore the region's stunning coastline and experience the Mediterranean Sea. There are several rental companies and marinas that offer sailboat rentals, with options ranging from small vessels to larger yachts. With a sailboat rental, you can visit charming coastal towns, secluded beaches, and even nearby islands like Ibiza or Mallorca.

The winds of Andalusia

Mistral (NW)

Mistral winds are actually not present in Andalusia, Spain. The Mistral is a strong, cold and dry northwesterly wind that blows from central France down to the Mediterranean Sea, mainly affecting the regions of Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon, and the Rhône Valley. However, Andalusia is affected by other types of winds, such as the Levante (Jugo or East wind) that blows from the east, and the Poniente (West wind) that blows from the west. The Levante winds are usually warm and dry, while the Poniente winds are moist and cooler. These winds play an important role in shaping the climate and environment of Andalusia.

Bora (NE)

The Bora (NE) winds are not actually associated with Andalusia, Spain. The Bora is a cold and dry northeasterly wind that originates in the Balkans and blows across the Adriatic Sea towards the coast of Italy.

Tramontana (N to NW)

The Tramontana winds are another important wind phenomenon that affects Andalusia, Spain. These winds blow from the north to northwest, and are characterized by their strong and cold nature. The Tramontana winds are particularly prevalent in the eastern part of Andalusia, near the coast.

Jugo (SE)

The Jugo (SE) winds, also known as the "Levante" winds, are an important weather phenomenon in Andalusia, Spain. These winds are warm, dry winds that blow from the southeast across the Mediterranean Sea, and they are particularly strong in the Strait of Gibraltar. The winds can cause extreme weather conditions in Andalusia, including heatwaves, droughts, and dust storms.


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Free Deposit Pack

With FDP (Free Deposit Pack), you have the chance to avoid a full security deposit and lock in your funds. Just pay 20% upfront (non-refundable), and experience a hassle-free journey. * The price of the FDP rises to 25% if booked less than 30 days before the charter.