Sailing with your dog

Sailing on a yacht with a dog. Sounds like a dream for those who love the sea as much as they love their pets. But what do you need to know before you take your furry friend on board?

What do you need to prepare before going boating / sailing with a dog?

It’s important for your humans to plan ahead. Number one, of course, is to ensure there is enough food and some extra in case of any unpredictable weather events or change of plans. They should bring plenty of water, some toys and safety equipment. Life jacket is a must. Long ropes and inflatable dock for some fun water play. Towels to dry off or a luxury bathrobe that I love to wrap myself into.

What difficulties can arise while yachting with a dog on board?
It is always a good idea for your humans to plan ahead and do boat introduction slowly to reduce any negative or stressful reactions. If possible, take your pup on a boat for a short ride first or even sit at the dock and introduce them to the sounds, smells and motion.
Another important point to plan for is to keep your furry friends cool and comfortable. Having access to cooling pads, like a wet towel for them to lay on and having plenty of shade is a must. Make sure there are bathroom breaks and ability for your doggo to get off the boat to walk and do their business. And of course walk them before you board.

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