How to correctly calculate your budget for a yachting trip

In general, the economics of a yacht trip is similar to a car trip with hotel stays, but there are nuances. So, here’s a list of costs that yachting requires.

1. Yacht charter


When organising a trip, accommodation and transfers are the main issues. A yacht answers both these concerns, as you sleep and move around the route on the boat without getting off it. The cost depends on the region, time of year, size and model and age of the boat.
The price varies from €1,500 for a small, old boat to around €10,000 for a new catamaran in high season. On average, you can aim for about €4,000 for a new four-cabin boat. If you accommodate 8 people, that’s €500 per person.

2. Skipper’s fees

The standard skipper’s salary, regardless of region, is around €150 per day. If you go on an average 1-week charter, that adds up to €1,050. Also, the crew takes care of the captain’s meals. By arrangement, he can live in a separate cabin, which is most often the case if the skipper is hired from the outside. He can also be accommodated in the stateroom, which is a more friendly format, meaning the skipper gets to know the crew well.

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